A late-Summer’s resolution

Some of my many attempts at regular exercise
Some of my many attempts at regular exercise

I rolled out of bed this morning and soon thereafter did something I really need to keep doing shortly after I get up: exercised. I am, not by nature, a morning person, and am also, not by nature, terribly athletic, so this wanna-be habit will be, I fear, hard-fought before it is won.

But, as time (and the years) go by, I realize that I not only feel better if I start moving as quickly as I can talk myself into it, but that if I don’t, I may well put it off until tomorrow, or, even after the weekend. And while I used to be a pretty high-functioning desk potato, that approach does not work well for me any more.

Earlier this summer, I experimented with starting my day with a short walk. The weather was usually cooperative, the birds were out, and I was almost awake by the time I got home. That plan got derailed when I started traveling back and forth to visit my husband, who was working out of state. Then, the weather got hotter . . . my allergies got worse . . . the gym was air-conditioned. . .  and whoever thought getting up in the morning to exercise was a good idea anyway? Yeah. Well.

Then about a week ago I ran into the foot of the bed and knocked my little toe nearly into the next county. It hurt, very bad, requiring ice, and of course, rest, and I’m only now just beginning to be able to walk on it. (In my defense, I did limp from the car to the gym to the exercise bike several times this week.)

During this morning’s debate with myself over whether I should go back to the gym today, I remembered that I hadn’t done yoga in a while, and that was easily remedied. I pulled out my favorite workout DVD, breathed and stretched, and marked exercise off my to-do list.

I’m not sure why something that makes me feel so much better is just so hard to do. I’ve bounced back and forth from exercising 3-4 times a week to getting it over with first thing in the morning. My new resolution is to not let two days go by without doing some kind of exercise. We’ll see how that works out in the morning.