Art at the park

I live nowhere near St. Louis, Mo., but if I did, I’d spend much of my free time at Forest Park. In my two trips to the Gateway to the West, I only managed to discover a taste of what the nearly 1,400-acre park has to offer.

In addition to the St. Louis Zoo, the park supports a number of open spaces. Take a walk around the Emerson Grand Basin and head up the hill to the Saint Louis Art Museum.

These lovely fountains are just one of the picturesque views in Forest Park.

The art museum sits atop Art Hill, and is worth walking by, even if you don’t have time to stop inside.

art museum (2)
The Saint Louis Art Museum (back view). The hill is larger than it appears.

A large, bronze statue of Saint Louis adorns the patio and looks over a collection of lakes and several fanciful bridges.

The art museum itself contains more than 33,000 objects from ancient Egypt to the present. If you are short on time, find a map and hit the highlights.

van gogh
A Van Gogh, housed in the Saint Louis Art Museum.
One of the Egyptian pieces.

If you manage to stop by the museum in the evening, take a second to check out the architecture.  Dusk transforms the museum into a piece of artwork itself.

art museum night
An evening view of the north side of the art museum.