An experiment in mulch

This summer’s “monsoons” followed by suffocating heat and humidity have not done my threadbare yard any favors. The whole thing needs to be dug up, amended, covered with rich dirt and replanted, but . . . that isn’t happening any time soon.

flooded yard (2)
In the future, I’m hoping to avoid the swamp effect.

Still, I can’t stop my imagination from creating an inviting oasis or two as I ponder the worst patches of scruffy crabgrass, and today, I decided to get some of that mulch I’d been eyeing at one of the local stores.

It’s actually soil conditioner, but I like to call it mulch-without-the-awful-smell, and I think it looks better than mulch, as well. These bags were five for $10, and that’s the cheapest I’d seen it, so I bought in bulk.

I planned to just fill in part of the yard that this year’s repeated, hard rains have turned into something resembling a ditch, but I though of those pavers I had stuck (without much success) in various parts of the yard, and channeled my inner artist.

I relocated these stones from another part of the yard.

If I like it, I’ll make it more permanent by brushing some of the mulch away and laying down sand and repositioning everything. Then, maybe I’ll find some more shade-loving plants.

In the meantime, the front yard looks a little more inviting.

new frontyard
We’ll see what happens next time it rains.