January snow brings new faces

The snow started yesterday morning, but the birds knew about it before it came. The regulars (the titmice, nuthatches, chickadees and cardinals) all showed up, along with the dark-eyed juncos that found my stashes of black-oil sunflower seeds a few weeks back.

But the cold and the white stuff falling from the sky also lured a number of new visitors to our yard.

IMG_20180117_114603 (2)
All it took was a few flakes for this pine warbler to come looking for lunch.

I was startled when a large, handsome bird flew into the tree that shelters a few of the bird feeders. When I zoomed in with the camera, I discovered a brown thrasher. He wasn’t shy about eating from the feeder, either.

thrasher (2)
I’m not sure who told this brown thrasher we had birdseed, but I was glad he came.
thrasher on feeder
Thrashers aren’t afraid of woodpeckers; this one scared my regular off while he had his fill.
IMG_20180117_114748 (2)
I love seeing the red-bellied woodpecker who hangs around several days a week.

I took a walk around the yard to see how things were faring as the flakes continued to fall. The nearby pines are pretty anyway, and they look very nice in the snow.

pines in snow
I don’t mind a few inches of snow here, as it’s usually gone in a few days.

It snowed through most of the night, and by morning the feeders were full of ice.  The birds were plenty hungry, so I set out some temporary feeders, and the neighborhood goldfinches seemed to like them.

The male goldfinches are pretty even in their winter clothes.

I tried to spread the food around, but a few squabbles ensued, anyway.

Even birds can forget their table manners.

The temperature will rise tomorrow, and what hasn’t melted will likely be gone by Saturday. Some nice, thick powder on the ground, an abundance of birds, and weather near the 60s by this weekend – that’s what I call a perfect snow.