Did the bluebird see his shadow?

I’m not sure how they can tell, but the birds always know when cold weather is coming. It was quiet out earlier, today, when it was warm, but as the skies grew cloudy the birds began to fly in for suet, black-oil sunflower seeds, and fresh water. I started taking pictures, but these don’t even cover all the birds I saw.

Titmice are always welcome in my yard, even though they are quick to scold when the food runs out.
It’s good to see the goldfinches again. They are pretty even in their winter clothes.
Chickadees – a perennial favorite.
Carolina wrens – noisy, but cute.
White-throated sparrow – a bird new to my yard.
When they sit still, it’s easy to see yellow-rumped warblers have more than a butterbutt.

It was cloudy when my camera was out, but the sun peeked through several times today. I guess spring will have to wait.

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