Duck, duck, goose!

I took a break this week from spying on my “yard birds,” and found some water birds at Joyner Park. We spied them while walking, and after we were through, I picked up the camera and was happy to see the flock of geese, and a mallard duck and his mate.

Mama duck blends in with the leaves so well, I didn’t even see her until I started editing my photos!

It’s easy to lose track of time when taking pictures. But birds are so much prettier up close!

This is one of many Canadian geese we saw this week.
We see lots of these Canadian geese in this part of North Carolina.

4 thoughts on “Duck, duck, goose!

  1. These are just lovely. My daughter loves the ducks and geese that flock around where we live, and I always think of some quotation I once read (but I can’t remember whose or the wording exactly) about how everyone gives ducks credit for their smooth glide over the surface, but no one thinks of how hard their feet have to kick under the water to move the way they do.

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