Woodpecker Wednesday

Today was the first day of winter. A day I look forward to all year, not because I like the season, but I know the dark nights will slowly shorten, and the sun, although much lower in the sky, will begin to bring more daylight, in anticipation of spring.

It was cold this morning. Too cold to go outside to just stand quiet and birdwatch. I waited until the thermometer hit 50, then took my camera outside.

Although it was chilly, it’s more enjoyable to take pictures outside, rather than attempt a clear shot through the sliding glass door.

Can’t remember if this was a male or female downy, but this time, it was fine with sharing.
This red-bellied woodpecker was spooked right after it landed.

Initially, though, I was inside. And spied a pileated woodpecker back in the woods.

This stunning woodpecker was all about de-bugging the trees.

And I heard, and saw, several red-bellied woodpeckers. They are so pretty.

Red-belled woodpeckers often announce their arrival before they are seen.


Three types of woodpeckers in my backyard made for a good day. Even if it was the first day of winter.

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