Feeder frenzy

Fall has always been a favorite, but as the sun and the temperatures descend into winter, I tend to want to curl up inside with a good book and hibernate until the flowers start peeking out of the frosty ground in the spring.

We recently had a new back door installed, which gives us a clear view to my tiny, bedraggled garden, and the nearly-bare woods beyond that. I haven’t had much time to brood about my lack of gardening inspiration, though, since we found a great deal on a camera on Black Friday.

I stand at the door, now, several times a day, camera and zoom lens in hand, ready to discover which hungry birds will show up at the feeders to grab a seed or a tidbit of suet to tide them over during the longer, colder nights of late fall.

I had been fussing about not seeing any birds, and wondering if maybe the hawks had gotten them all, when a swarm of titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, and even a red-bellied woodpecker stopped by for lunch.

Chickadees always cheerily announce their arrival. They’re usually heard before they’re seen.
Nuthatches make a bit of noise when they’re in the neighborhood, too.

I was delighted when a woodpecker showed up. I hear them all the time, but rarely see them, as they zip up and down the trunks of the tall neighborhood trees. This one steadily chipped away at an old branch, looking for bugs.

This colorful red-bellied woodpecker gave up hunting for bugs and zoomed in to snatch some suet.

It’s sometimes hard to leave the house now, because I have so much fun watching the birds. Until next time, then . . .

Titmice fuss at me all the time, but up close, they don’t look grouchy at all.

*I may post pictures on Instagram before I get around to writing a blog post. To follow me there, look for the button on this blog or at ddiljak@Instagram.

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