You can’t stop Spring

I stepped outside this morning after talking myself into a walk. And, oh my. My temple bells were in full bloom. I snapped a few pictures before I walked through the neighborhood.

And I found some bees buzzing.

this one has a beeI kept taking pictures. Because, unfortunately, these are the only blooms in my yard right now.

row of crocus

I walked through the neighborhood. I had heard a woodpecker before I got out of bed, which made me smile. I saw robins. I noticed some grape hyacinths in a neighbor’s yard, and wished, not for the first time, that I had planted more spring bulbs last fall.

I was almost home when a huge hawk swooped in and landed in one of the nearby trees. It must have had a two-foot wing span. I moved closer to see it, but it flew away, and I heard its calls.

temple blooms

Right now I have the doors open, and the breeze is ushering almost-springtime air into the house. I have lots to do today. But for this moment, I am welcoming Spring.

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