Summer drops by for an early ‘hello’

the warning
The beginning of the afternoon storms. The nest where the branches meet was used by a family of robins last year.

It was a crazy weather day. One of those that meteorologists love, because it gives them an opportunity to talk about things like squall lines and tornadic winds and severe thunderstorms and large hail.

The warnings started yesterday. And, sure enough, by early morning the line of storms was thundering its way across the state, in a band that extended from South Carolina, through North Carolina, up into Virginia.

after the warning
The wind was whipping around quite a bit here. But, no rain.

I spent the morning at work, a few counties away. It poured at home while I was gone. By mid-afternoon, I was back, and ready to hunker down. It was quiet. The birds were singing. Had I asked them, they would have said, “What storm?” Eventually, it rained. And the warnings – thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, extreme threat alert warnings – starting pouring in.

in between
It finally rained, but unlike in surrounding towns which were not as fortunate, the storm was a mild one.

It rained for a while, then the weather stopped, and so did the warnings. They announced on TV we were in the clear. I went outside. It looked like the makings of a beautiful sunset. I stayed close to home, but starting shooting pictures again.

sunset - psych
The clear skies were short-lived.
in between light
I thought it was all over at this point.

I sat down at my computer, relieved it was over. Then it got really dark. I remember thinking, “I thought it was getting dark a lot later than 6:15.” Faint thunder, loud thunder – I moved away from the computer.

The storm didn’t last long, and the only damage here was a wet carpet where the rain blew in around the bedroom window frame. My backyard looks like a small pond, but thankfully, aside from the wind advisory that will last through the morning, we weathered this storm just fine.







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